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Testing Dates & Information

​2023 In-Person Tests:

SCP in-person test sessions are held at AZ Ice-Peoria on Saturday mornings, unless otherwise noted.

ALL test applications are handled through EntryEeze!  SCP does not accept paper applications.


Saturday October 14th

Deadline to register: 10/4/23

​2024 In-Person Tests:


Saturday January 27th

Deadline to register: 1/17/24


***In conjunction with Fiesta Skate***

Sunday April 28th

Deadline to register: 4/17/24


Saturday August 3rd

Deadline to register: 7/24/24


Saturday October 12th

Deadline to register: 10/2/24

Virtual Tests: 

SCP Members:

All SCP members should register under "Members Only" virtual test session, regardless of month


Test is Full!


Deadline to register:


Virtual Testing

Skating Club of Phoenix offers monthly virtual testing!  

  • Virtual tests are submitted weekly, results are back quickly!

  • It is recommended that skaters wait until they're ready to submit before registering for a virtual test. 

  • If you register for a virtual test in a month, you MUST provide your video and supporting completed documents within the same month, or your fee will be forfeited. 

  • Use the links below to register for a virtual test session, learn about the video requirements, and to download all required paperwork.

  • Any skater who is not a member of one of the six AZ Interclubs (Valley of the Sun FSC, Coyotes SC of AZ, SC of Phoenix, Desert Ice SC of AZ, Flagstaff FSC, or Copper State SC) is subject to the $35 out-of-club fee, and is required to provide a letter of permission from their home club with their submission.

What is a Judge?

Judges are probably the most well-known type of figure skating official. U.S. Figure Skating appoints judges in three different disciplines: (1) singles/pairs, (2) ice dancing and (3) synchronized skating. There are also two different classifications of judges: (1) test judges (who can judge test sessions and nonqualifying competitions) and (2) competition judges (who can judge nonqualifying and qualifying competitions). 


For more information on becoming a judge, judges schools, qualifying competition assignments, trial judge events, judging manuals, appointment guidelines, etc., please go to the Judges page.

Credit: US Figure Skating &

What Does a Test Chair Do?

It is not only one of the most important positions in any skating club, it is a function essential to the success of skating in the United States!

Through the test chair's efforts, both skaters and judges advance in the sport - some on the competitive track, some to satisfy personal goals, some in a combination of the two. The test chair is indispensable to this process.

The test chair is the most direct link to U.S. Figure Skating headquarters - often the pipeline of new information about changes to the test structure necessary to skaters and their coaches, but also the administrator of test rules and regulations. It is a large responsibility.

The test chair's job is to plan, organize and run test sessions. They are required to report on these sessions and to maintain files on skaters and judges. To do so, they will frequently need to refer to the U.S. Figure Skating rulebook, tests book and directory.

Credit: US Figure Skating &

Kinds of Tests

There are several classes of tests in the U.S. Figure Skating structure:

1. Moves in the field (standard track and adult)
2. Free skate (or free skating) (standard track and adult)
3. Pairs (standard track and adult)
4. Compulsory Dance (standard track, solo, adult and masters)
5. Free dance (standard track and masters)

The order in which tests are taken is important. According to TR 2.02 in the rulebook: A candidate shall not be eligible to take a higher-level test until all of the preceding tests in the same category have been passed or completed except as otherwise specified in these rules.

Please refer to the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook to gain a better understanding of all the test rules and expectations before testing. Further description of the elements of each test is available in the rulebook.

To learn more about testing, and the different types of tests, click here to view a PDF from US Figure Skating

Credit: US Figure Skating &

Most Recent Tests Passed

September 2023

Liberty H: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Tristan W: Adult Pre-Bronze Skating Skills

Jacob W: Pre-Silver Dance

Jacob W: European Waltz

Alyna L: Preliminary Dance

Alyna L: Canasta Tango

Alyna L: Dutch Waltz

Alyna L: Rhythm Blues

Emily G: Pre-Bronze Singles

Cody N: Adult Bronze Singles


August 2023

Ava Castaneda: Gold Skating Skills

Odessa Wolff: Gold Skating Skills

Kara S: Pre-Silver Skating Skills

Ilan S: Preliminary Skating Skills

Aurelia P: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Keani B: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Kori F: Adult Pre-Bronze Skating Skills

Lucy D: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Madison L: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Michalina J: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Natalia B: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Sophia M: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Nicolette R: Pre-Silver Dance

Nicolette R: European Waltz

Karen W: Bronze Dance

Karen W: Ten-Fox

Alexa W: Preliminary Solo Dance

Alexa W: Solo Rhythm Blues

Isabella W: Pre-Silver Singles

Ella M: Bronze Singles

July 2023

Mya Miller: Gold Skating Skills

Kaelin R: Pre-Gold Skating Skills

Abbie D: Bronze Skating Skills

Nela Z: Bronze Skating Skills

Finley S: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Sarah W: Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills

Shannon L: Quickstep

Emily R: Solo Paso Doble

Megan A: Silver Solo Dance

Megan A: Solo American Waltz

Megan A: Solo Rocker Foxtrot

Alexeia B: Pre-Silver Solo Dance

Alexeia B: Solo European Waltz

Cheri B: Foxtrot

Ellana Tran: Gold Singles (Double Gold Medalist)

Nela Z: Preliminary Singles

June 2023

Grace H: Juvenile MITF

Amber S: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Keira W: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Jacob W: Foxtrot

Mackenzie J: Willow Waltz

Alexa W: Solo Canasta Tango

Grace H: Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

May 2023

Mya M: Junior MITF

Lila S: Intermediate MITF

Cody N: Adult Silver MITF

Emily G: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Freja N-J: Preliminary MITF

Malia R: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Lily R: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Shannon L: Pre-Gold Dance

Shannon L: Paso Doble

Shannon L: Starlight Waltz

Angelina A: Solo Pre-Bronze Dance

Angelina A: Solo Fiesta Tango

Mackenzie J: Intermediate Solo Free Dance

Kaelin R: Intermediate Free Skate

Angelina A: Preliminary Free Skate

April 2023

Ava C: Junior MITF

Ella M: Intermediate MITF

Nela Z: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Kaylee B: Preliminary MITF

Madeline D: Adult Bronze MITF

Christine H: Solo Midnight Blues

Alexa E: Solo Blues

Cali Hecht: Senior Free Skate (Double Gold Medalist)

Beatrice N: Intermediate Free Skate

Nicolette Rios: Adult Gold Free Skate (Double Gold Medalist)

Kara S: Juvenile Free Skate

Jessie P: Adult Silver Free Skate

March 2023

Kendra S: Junior MITF

Grace R: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Jessie P: Adult Silver MITF

Alayna L: Preliminary MITF

Sammy K: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Chelsea C: Silver Dance

Chelsea C: Rocker Foxtrot

Emily R: Solo Silver Dance

Emily R: Solo American Waltz

Nicolette R: Foxtrot

Angelina A: Solo Swing Dance

Angelina A: Cha Cha

Alexa W: Solo Dutch Waltz

Grace R: Preliminary Free Skate

Helen L: Preliminary Free Skate

Moriah K: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

February 2023

Brynn J: Novice MITF

Kara S: Juvenile MITF

Denise F: Adult Bronze MITF

Moriah K: Preliminary MITF

Savannah H: Preliminary MITF

Lukas O: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Mattie W: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Ruah S: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Christine H: Solo Finnstep

Alexa E: Solo Kilian

Jacob W: Fourteenstep

Karen W: Willow Waltz

Mya M: Intermediate Free Skate

Ava C: Juvenile Free Skate

Brynn J: Juvenile Free Skate

Kynleigh T: Juvenile Free Skate

Grace H: Juvenile Free Skate

Emily G: Preliminary Free Skate

Angelina A: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Nela Z: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Savannah H: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

January 2023

Chloe Mui: Senior MITF

Emily Ryon: Senior MITF

Beatrice N: Intermediate MITF

Isabel G: Juvenile MITF

Kynleigh T: Juvenile MITF

Audrinna H: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Grace H: Pre-Juvenile MITF

Ellie M: Pre-Preliminary MITF

Emily R: Solo Tango

Ryan O: Solo Foxtrot

Isabel G: Juvenile Free Skate

Sheila R: Adult Silver Free Skate

Ella M: Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

Lila S: Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

Grace R: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Helen L: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Kaylee B: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

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