Local Area Competitions

The following are links and details for local area competitions.  Check with your coach before registering for any competitions.

May 2022

2022 Spring Jubilee

Hosted by: Peninsula Skating Club

Location: Solar4America Ice (San Jose, CA)


Registration deadline: 4/71622

17th Annual California Championships

Hosted by: Los Angeles FSC

Location: East-West Ice Palace (Artesia, CA)


Registration deadline: 4/17/22

2022 Santa Fe Skate Fest / Fun Fest

Hosted by: Santa Fe Skating Club

Location: Genoveva Chavez Community Center (Santa Fe, NM)


Registration deadline: 4/7/22

Copper State Classic

Hosted by: Copper State SC

Location: AZ Ice Gilbert (Gilbert, AZ)


Registration deadline: 4/25/22

June 2022

2022 Front Range Invitational

Hosted by: Mountain View Skating Club

Location: Greeley Ice Haus (Greeley, CO)


Registration deadline: 5/22/22

2022 All Year Open

Hosted by: All Year FSC

Location: Great Park Ice (Irvine, CA)


Registration deadline: 5/18/22

2022 Showcase for Skaters

Hosted by: Los Angeles FSC

Location: JV Pickwick Ice (Burbank, CA)


Registration deadline: 5/14/22


Hosted by: Centennial Park FSC

Location: West Valley Acord Ice Center (Salt Lake City, UT)


Registration deadline: 5/15/22

2022 Vail Invitational & Mountain Fun

Hosted by: Skating Club of Vail

Location: John A Dobson Arena (Vail, CO)


Registration deadline: 6/3/22

2022 Southern California Interclub Championships

Hosted by: Southern California Interclub Association

Location: Lakewood Ice (Lakewood, CA)


Registration deadline: 5/16/22

2022 Skate La Grande

Hosted by: San Diego FSC

Location: San Diego Ice Arena (San Diego, CA)


Registration deadline: 5/2/422

2022 Broadmoor Open

Hosted by: Broadmoor SC

Location: Broadmoor World Arena Ice Hall (Broadmoor, CO)


Registration deadline: 5/2/22

July 2022

2022 Glacier Falls Summer Classic

Hosted by: Glacier Falls FSC

Location: Anaheim Ice (Anaheim, CA)


Registration deadline: 7/3/22

August 2022

2022 Arizona Ice Classic

Hosted by: Desert Ice Skating Club of Arizona

Location: Ice Den Chandler (Chandler, AZ)


Registration deadline: 6/14/22

Ice in the Pines

Hosted by: Flagstaff Figure Skating Club

Location: Jay Lively Ice Arena (Flagstaff, AZ)


Registration deadline: 7/19/22

Skate San Francisco

Hosted by: The Skating Club of San Francisco

Location: Yuerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center (San Francisco, CA)


Registration deadline: 8/9/22