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Skating Club of Phoenix Coaches

Kelsy Anderson

Coaching: Coaching all levels and ages freestyle, MIF, and power skating

Fee: $30 per half hour

Contact: (602) 617-8861



PSA/USFS/LTSUSA member and instructor 20 years skating experience and over 7 years coaching experience. Trained under World and National Level coaches in Ari-zona and Northern California. Current AZ Ice show producer. Coaching All ages and

abilities. Specializing in style, choreography, freestyle, power skating, and off ice training.

Marie Stroukoff-O'Mahony

Coaching: Freestyle, MIF, Ice Dance, & Style/Choreography/Power

Fee: $45 per half hour

Contact: (602) 828-6077


Biography: USFS Double Gold Medalist, Dance and Figures, PSA Master Rated, LEVEL IV, Over 25 years experience coaching beginners through National Champions. World Champion (2005) Adult Championship Dance and National Champion (2004) Adult Gold Dance,

International Competitor Freestyle and Dance. Trained at the skating clubs of New York and Princeton. 

Lisa Warren

Coaching: Beginner through Senior Freestyle, MIF, adults as well as choreography, power skating and off-ice jump, strength and conditioning

Fee: $35 per half hour

Contact: (734) 735-6481


Biography: USFS Double Gold Medalist in Freestyle and MIF. PSA and USFS Member. Coached Regional and National Showcase competitors throughout the United States. 18+ years coaching experience, 30+ years skating

experience. Trained under World and Olympic coaches. Competed in Regional, World and Showcase competitions in USFS and ISI for over 25+ years. Prior Figure Skating Director in San Antonio, TX.

Loree Cantrell-Briggs

Coaching: All levels of Freestyle, MIF and Choreography

Fee: $40 per half hour

Contact: (602) 451-4586



USFS MIF Gold medalist, 40 yrs skating experience, 26 yrs coaching. Coaching: Freestyle and MIF and choreography. Coach of multiple Gold Medalists in MIF and Freeskate, and Regional Competitors.

Bridget Kaus

Coaching: All ages/levels of freestyle & MIF

Fee: $45 per half hour

Contact: (623) 334-1200


Biography: PSA/USFS Member, USFS Double Gold Medalist, figures and freestyle. Coached Regional, Sectional, Jr. National, and National competitors including the 2010 US Jr. National Champion, 37 yrs skating exp- 9 yrs amateur competitor, 7 yrs professional ice show soloist, 21 yrs coaching USFS competitors. 

Andrea Palos

Coaching: All ages and levels (music editing available)

Fee: $30 per half hour

Contact: (602) 451-9146


Biography: PSA member, USFS Adult Silver Medalist and Bronze Ice Dancer. 30 years skating experience. Trained in Canada and the US. U.S. Adult Nationals Competitor. Coached Regional and National competitors. Coaching all ages and abilities.

Karen Pasco

Coaching: Freestyle, MIF, Choreography, Power, Style & Form, and Off-Ice Jump/Plyometrics

Fee: $40 per half hour

Contact:  (623) 570-9302


Biography: Skating experience of 29 years, PSA and USFS member, PSA Certified Freestyle Rated Instructor. Trained under National and World level coaches, competed in US Qualifying Competitions for over 10 years in the Midwest. Skating Club of Phoenix

past President, Ice Show Director, 8 years Rink Director/Marketing. Coaching skaters through all stages of development from beginners to elite competitors for 17 years. Students have won numerous medals and awards including winning multiple Regional Championships, Adult Nationals, National Showcase and multiple Artistic Awards. Winner of the 2014 SCP Coach Recognition Award.

Maria Moscato

Coaching: Freestyle, MIF, Pairs, Ballet On & Off Ice

Fee: $38 per half hour

Contact: (586) 354-7369

Biography: Maria has extensive training in ballet, studying at WMU, WSU and Broadway Dance Center in New York, under Finus Jhung. She has over 25 years experience on and off ice with developmental to World level competitors providing movement instruction, flexibility and artistic development of programs. USFS and PSA Rated. She has coached Regional, Sectional, Jr. National and National Gold Medalists. Pilates Certified.

Jill Watson

Coaching: Freestyle, MIF, Pairs

Fee: $45 per half hour

Contact: (949) 637-3089

Biography: USFS Triple Gold medalist, figures, freestyle and pairs, 1984 Olympic Team Member, 1988 Olympic Bronze medalist, 1987 World Bronze medalist, 3-time US National Champion.  US World Team coach, 1987 USFS Athlete of the Year, 2004 USFS Hall of Fame Inductee. Coach of US National Champions. 

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