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Yes, adults do skate too.  It does not matter what age or where your skill level is, what matters is you have the desire and passion to skate and achieve whatever goals that drive you in this sport.  The Skating Club of Phoenix is here to support your ambition and goals you wish to pursue in the realm of skating.


The Skating Club of Phoenix offers tests for the Adult Skater.  United States Figure Skating (USFS) has created a test track specifically for skaters 21 and over.  Tests such as Adult Moves in the Field and Freeskate levels begin at Pre‐Bronze, Bronze, Silver, and Adult Gold.  Adults can choose to continue testing beyond Adult Gold by transitioning into the Intermediate through Senior.  These tests involve Moves in the Field and Freestyle.  Adult skating does not only involve singles.  Adults may choose to ice dance and pair skate.  Ice Dance tests and Pairs tests are available to adults as well.  




Competition is a desire for many adult skaters.  It is a way for the adult skater to put his/her skills into action.  There is a thrill when it comes to choosing your music, choreographing your program, and wearing a costume.  It seems to just drive your desire to skate even more.  
There are small competitions held around the state and country throughout the year.  Many competitions offer a variety of adult events, including freeskate, artistic, dance, and pairs.  

The Skating Club of Phoenix hosts two competition events a year that are opened to adult skaters:   

  • Autumn Antics ‐ The theatrical competition that is held in early November.  Adults can skate in categories such as dramatic and light, as well as in duet and group events.  

  • Fiesta Skate ‐ Adults skaters can compete in freestyle, artistry, ice dance, and pairs.  This competition is held in every April.


There are three major adult competitions held in the United States:

  • Mid‐Winter Warm Up (February)

  • Sectionals (March) ‐ for Southwest Pacific Skaters

  • Nationals (April)


There are international adult competitions as well:  

  • Oberstdorf, Germany hosts an International Adult Figure Skating Competition in May

  • Vancouver, Canada hosts The Adult Figure Skating Championship in August.


At these competitions, adult skaters compete not only in their skating level, but in their age division as well.  There are five age divisions 21‐35, 36‐45, 46‐55, 56‐65, 66+. The age divisions apply to non‐qualifying adult only competitions.  If the adult competitor skates in a qualifying event, they will skate against ages 21‐65.

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dreams.  No matter what your skill level:    

Dream, Believe and Achieve - No Regrets!
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