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Southwest Pacific Regionals 2018 Results

Alena K: Pre-Preliminary Showcase - 1st & Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 4th

Alexa E: Preliminary Free Skate - 7th & Preliminary Showcase - 7th 

Annabelle T: No-Test Free Skate - 5th & No-Test Showcase - 2nd

Cali H: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 4th

Charis M: Open Juvenile Free Skate - 15th

Chloe M: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 5th

Christine H: Novice Free Skate - 13th

Ellana T: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 6th & Pre-Preliminary Showcase - 1st 

Isabella M: Open Juvenile Free Skate - 4th

Jacob W: Intermediate Free Skate - 4th (advancing to Sectionals)

Kendra S: Preliminary Free Skate - 8th

Laney C: Preliminary Free Skate - 4th

Lillian K: No-Test Showcase - 1st & No-Test Free Skate - 2nd

Lola T: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 3rd

Madison E: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 9th & Pre-Preliminary Showcase - 2nd

Mallory M: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate - 8th

Megan A: Intermediate Free Skate - 7th & Special Achievement Award +2 GOEs on combination spin

Nicolette R: Open Juvenile Free Skate - 7th

Ryan O: Preliminary Free Skate - 4th & Preliminary Showcase - 1st

Shannon L: Preliminary Free Skate - 9th

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