January 2016

Monet Almaraz: Pre- Juvenile MIF

Megan Cooksey: Preliminary MIF

Megan Cooksey: Pre-Preliminary FS

Isabel Gonzales: Preliminary MIF

Hannah Hinton: Juvenile MIF

Samantha Hinton: Preliminary Dance: Dutch Waltz

Samantha Hinton: Preliminary MIF

Emily Hopwood: Bronze Dance: Ten Fox

Isabella Meszaros: Intermediate MIF

Bethany Novotny: Intermediate MIF

Kendra Stanfield: Pre-Preliminary FS

Kendra Stanfield: Pre-Preliminary MIF

Feburary 2016

Rachel Carey: Pre Gold Dance: Paso Doble


March 2016

Charis Mack: Pre Juvenile Free Skating

Emily Tilvan: Intermediate Free Skating

Chelsea Carey: Juvenile Solo Free Dance

Samantha Hinton: Preliminary Dance: Rhythm Blues

Samantha Hinton: Preliminary Dance: Canasta Tango

Ryan Orr: Pre Preliminary Moves In The Field

Katie Soll: Senior Free MIF

April 2016

Chelsea Carey: Foxtrot

Hope Farber: Juvenile Moves In the Field

Christine Hollander: Senior Moves In The Field

Emily Hopwood: Fourteenstep

Audrey Lyons: Intermediate Moves In The Field

Charis Mack: Juvenile Free Skating

Alexa Phipps: Pre Juvenile Moves In The Field

Katie Soll: Senior Free Skating

June 2016

Monet Almaraz: Pre Juvenile Free Skating

Megan Audet: Intermediate Pair Test

Megan Audet: Juvenile Free Skating

Nicolette Rios: Juvenile Free Skating

Taylor Terreri: Intermediate Free Skating

Emily Tilvan: Novice Free Skating

Jacob Wineland: Intermediate Pair Test

August 2016

Chelsea Carey: Solo freedance Interm.

Christine Hollander: Inter. Freeskate, Preliminary Dance Series

Stephanie Vasilev: Inter MIF

Megan Cooksey: Prelim Freeskate

Alena Kremer: Pre-pre MIF

Ryan Orr: Prelim MIF & Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

Kendra Stanfield: Prelim MIF

Alexia Vasilev: Prelim MIF

September/October 2016

Christine Hollander: Pre-Bronze Dance

Emily Tilvan: Junior Freeskate

Charis Mack: Novice Moves In the Field

Laney Corbett: Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

Marissa Haines: Pre-Preliminary Moves In the Field

November 2016

Megan Audet: Preliminary Dance Test

Rachel Carey: Quickstep

Christine Hollander: Bronze Dance Test

Emily Hopwood: Foxtrot

Sandra Jessop: Preliminary Dance Test

Makayla Lapora: Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Makaya Perks: Junior Moves In The Field

Harrison Sokol: Pre Silver Dance Test

Liliana Vartughian: Preliminary Dance Test

December 2016

Cheri Boer: Adult Gold Moves in the Field

Hannah Borwick: Intermediate Moves in the Field

Elizabeth Edwards: Preliminary Moves in the Field

Abigail Erickson: Preliminary Moves in the Field

Alexa Estereicher: Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field

Shannon Lee: Preliminary Moves in the Field

Ashlyn Haynes: Intermediate Freeskate

Shannon Lee: Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

Alexa Estereicher: Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

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